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POR FESR communication


Name of the project:

Promotion of SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) in single form for foreign markets


Description of the project:

The main aim of Smeralda company was the promotion of its products with particular reference to their distinctiveness and authenticity, with an important call to the strong traditions that always characterized Sardinian products, contributing to the process of creating value for customers and stakeholders of the organization.

More specifically, the goals we wanted to achieve, in addition to the increase in sales and in turnover, were those of creating new job opportunities and consolidating existing commercial agreements. For this reason, we used the strategy of choosing a niche market, rich and prepared to the value of the products offered. We also aimed to promote the quality and authenticity of our products, aiming precisely at markets whose average consumer income is within the importance of our offer.

Austria, Germany, England and Poland are the markets we have identified and visited in this first step, as in recent years they have shown a strong interest in typical local products and they can be coconsidered among the main European buyers.


Project code:

00090102341 to IndPRATT46020156





Total project amount:

€ 148,100.00


Total Financed amount:

€ 111,075.00



POR FESR Sardinia 2014-2020



beginning of work 04/05/2017

end of work: 31/05/19